Toronto City Rugby

Head Coach

Toronto City is a Junior U6 to U14 Rugby Club based at Glendon Gollege (Proctor Field) At Bayview and Lawrence, which runs from April to August. Toronto City originated from the junior programs of Toronto Scottish and Toronto Saracens Rugby Clubs but is now independent. We work hard to keep our rugby fun but competitive and to deliver amazing results in which players and parents and coaches can all take pride. Athleticism, co-ordination, and teamwork are areas of core learning, and they allow players to see the benefits of their training quickly. It greatly benefits players considering school Rugby also and we work in conjunction with those players Season is generally considered May to August, but we start training in April and we lower the intensity in August. Rugby Union is a squad game and with squad rotation we can gladly handle players holidays and other commitments. This is often pointed out as a major benefit over our rival sports. Rugby in Toronto is growing fast, with Canada's recent success in the 7’s game, and the inclusion of our sport in the Olympics, the positive energy is huge. Played in 152 of 186 countries in the world it's a very visible, challenging and laudable world sport in every way. We are Co-ed, and always looking for new payers, the choice of club to join is open, often we consider it somewhat on a geographic basis and will advise those who perhaps are close to other junior programmes in a fair and fitting way.


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